Welcome to Dropco.de!

So what exactly is Dropco.de?

Dropco.de is a powerful promotional and anaylitics tool for Artists and Labels

  1. The best of many services rolled into one

    Dropco.de is an elegant combination of many promotional tools and paradigms:

    1. Download Codes
    2. Email Lists
    3. Grassroots Marketing
    4. Street Team & Crowd-Sourced Promotions
    5. Social Media
    6. And Much More!

  1. The most powerful data and analytics

    Using the download code itself as a container for incredibly useful analytic data, you are able to pull a great deal more information out of a user provided email and zipcode.

  2. The best of both worlds: Crowd Sourced and Centrally Managed

    With users able to freely create and share their own dropcodes, a hot track available for download can quickly go viral.

    The best part about Dropco.de is that you can track that virus from person to person. Literally.

So how does it work?

  1. It all starts with one code, be it in a link, on a flyer,etc.
  2. Future fans find the code and go to your website
  3. They enter the code, their email, and zip code, and can download some of your music
  4. At this point you now have the two most important pieces of data to have from one of your fans: email and zip code

  5. It doesn't stop there, though.
  6. This new fan can then create his or her own dropcodes, tied to his or her email
  7. They can then share and spread these dropcodes on their own, which then leads more fans back to your webpage
  8. You now have both their email and zip code, as well as data on what promotional ideas and mediums most effectively drive fans to your site
  9. More importantly, you have data on who most effectively drives fans to your site
  10. The Dropco.de system is much more feature rich than a short landing page can describe; for more information, feel free to contact Darren at darren@dropco.de

Dropco.de will be ready to launch within a few months

For more information, feel free to contact Darren at darren@dropco.de

I will be looking for beta testers relatively soon, so check back often if you're interested.

This project was conceptualized and realized by me, Darren Hushak. "Music Enthousiast" is the grossest understatement of my existence. I have owned and operated a record label, managed bands, been in bands, recorded, mixed, and mastered albums, written music, arranged music, mixed live shows at numerous venues, gone on tours, been the general manager, chief engineer, and music director of a college radio station, planned major music festivals, been the street team leader and production manager for another major music festival, stagehanded, worked on major audio installations, researched state-of-the-art 3-dimensional sound spatialization, majored in electrical engineering and minored in Music and Music Technology at Iowa State University, and lived, laughed, and loved.

I have taken the extensive amount of experience and knowledge from all of these things to churn out this project that, while being incredibly useful, I'm incredibly proud of.